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Default SV8 support in various players


I've found out some popular Linux audio players have difficulties in playing SV8 files. Here's what I found:

- MPlayer 201106 plays SV7 well + some SV8 (sadly, not every file - there are very loud clicks and the progress bar loops)
- xine (lib1.1.9) plays SV7 well but doesn't support seeking, no SV8 support (?)
- vlc 1.11 plays SV7 but SV8 stops after a second
- audacious 2.4.5 (with plugin) plays SV7 & SV8 perfectly
- foobar2000 1.1.8beta4 through wine plays SV7 & SV8 perfectly

Have you experienced similar problems? I'm actually concerned the most about MPlayer because I'd like to play every SV8 file through Amarok with MPlayer backend.

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