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Default 24bit sound in Musepack - possible or not?

Hello, all!

Please tell me is it possible to encode sound in musepack with 24 bit depth?

I saw a quote somewhere that

Currently only 32, 37.8, 44.1 and 48 kHz, 1-8 channels, 8-32 bit linear PCM is supported
I want to convert sound from VynilRip with 24bit/96Khz sound to musepack with the best able quality.

I use for it foobar2000, with DSP plugin Resampler (SoX), for resampling frequency to 48Khz as maximum from availaible (of course i would like to convert with 96Khz). Musepack version is SV8.

Here is my settings for converting in foobar2000:

But when converting is over, program MediaInfo shows that bit depth of resulting mpc files is only 16bit...

Is it really possible to convert in mpc with 24 bit (and 32bit) depth?
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