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Default Problem: with missing MACdll.dll file

I got the problem with the missing MACdll.dll file when I try to encode a .wav with quality above 10.0

the option
--quality 20.0

returns the message
"Can't open MACdll.dll, quality set to 10.0"

mppenc version 1.15v

What did I do about this? with NO success finally
1. I searched the forum - and I found nothing to solve the problem
2. I found 3 versions of this file 3.990, 3.99t2 and a file macdec.dll wich says that macdec.dll is the new version of macdll.dll
- I tried each of them by putting the file in the same dir with mppenc
- I tried to register the dll with regsvr32
- I tried these aactions with macdec.dll renamed as macdll.dll

Please, can anyone help me solve this problem?
Thank you in advance.
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