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Shy, I would like to thank you for a clear status of the project.
Indeed, I missed the last 4 encoder releases.
The reason why I did so, is that I always looked at the encoder version, stating 1.15v, instead of looking at the release date.
Maybe they should change the version number, when a new compile is released ?
This would certainly attract attention and demonstrate further development.
You were referring to the vorbis project as a reference.
What the vorbis development shows, is a regular addition of version digits (something like 1.0->1.1->1.1.1->1.1.2)
The next release could be something like ...
I don't know if that is the fashion these days, but it's a visible counter that attracts attention.
I'm sorry to hear you've grown tired of certain comparisons, because that's what development is all about : achieving a better result in comparison to others.
I hope you will continue your good work at the musepack site and never grow tired of that
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