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Erratum: unless you've made some changes to PATH, my indication won't work. Typing "mppdec /DirectoryToTheFileToDecode/FileName.mpc NewFileName.wav" will give you the answer: "-bash: mppdec: command not found". So, please, correct the command by adding a "./" before mppdec, like this: "./mppdec /DirectoryToTheFileToDecode/FileName.mpc NewFileName.wav".

To kuniklo: you're welcome. If you need help testing the port, there is a valid email adress in phpBB. Do not expect me to work out miracles, I'm a real newbie in unix.


Erratum : à moins que vous n'ayez changé votre variable PATH, mes explications ne marcheront pas. Taper "mppdec /DirectoryToTheFileToDecode/FileName.mpc NewFileName.wav" vous donnera la réponse : "-bash: mppdec: command not found". Vous devez corriger cela en ajoutant "./" avant mppdec, comme ceci : "./mppdec /DirectoryToTheFileToDecode/FileName.mpc NewFileName.wav".
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