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Originally Posted by slomo View Post
Yes, I have a pending patch that I'll commit shortly to add support for the new libmpcdec API in the decoder plugin (SV8 files will magically work then ).
That's good

Originally Posted by slomo View Post
Another issue I found now, is that for example mplayer (and probably xine too) is using mpc_decoder_decode_frame() from the old API. The function still exists with the new API but the mpc_bits_reader type which is needed for this is not exported by any public header file.

It'd also like to use that API in the future for the gstreamer decoding plugin as with the mpc_demux_* API it's not exactly easy to add support for decoding musepack stream inside of container formats like matroska for example.
I moved mpc_bits_reader definition in mpcdec.h, thanks for your help.

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