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since it takes so long, I'll give it a try myself. Apparently I ended up getting a MPC file on my harddisk for some reason and I want to play it. Some questions:
* MPC_decoder:ecode() takes a int32 as argument (ok, so it's MPC_SAMPLE_FORMAT but that's the same thing). Howlarge should I allocate this buffer? FrameLength*samplesize*channels?
* Is the format "plain" signed 32-bit integer or is there something special? Looking at the headers, it seems like the format is -(1<<29) to (1<<29), which seems weird because afaik, integer 32-bit signed audio is in -(1<<30) to (1<<30) (full 32-bit data value range). Am I just missing something obvious? I don't want the plugin to do any sort of sample conversion, we have way better plugins elsewhere in GStreamer to do that. A musepack decoder should just decode.
* am I supposed to keep track of timestamps myself or are there timestamps embedded in the stream? If not, how do I know the exact timestamp after a seek (given that it's VBR)? Or doesn't that matter?
* can I reuse a MPC_decoder object between streams?
* who takes ownership (and thus takes care of dereferencing) the MPC_reader that I provide to MPC_decoder?
* What's APEv2 and how do I read it?


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