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Default Re: defined APE tag keys/frames

To clear things up a bit first: where did the APE tag system originated from? I'm a bit confused and not a 100% sure because the name would imply that it originated from the Monkey's Audio format, though that site doesn't realy contain any info about it.
AFAIK, the APEv1 tag was introduced by Matt from Monkey's Audio and extended to APEv2 by Frank Klemm.

I only have the description from Frank Klemm's list, so I'm only guessing:

Does the location of the file need to be stored in the tags of the
same file? What exact type of location are we talking about since it
has to be a URL?
I've never seen any file with this tag field. File paths in APEv2 are expressed as URIs like
Just any kind of catalog id/number of any kind/type of catalog?
Wouldn't the type of catalog (e.g. by which company or website
( or something)) need to be known?
This is the EAN/UPC or the labels catalog number for this media.

I don't get this one, what is it that you want to have stored in this
tag? Is it like the WWWAUDIOSOURCE (WOAS) frame in ID3 [3]? WOAS is
used to point to the official webpage for the source of the audio
file; e.g. if the audio is "extracted" from a movie. This doesn't
explain the Source Media Number/Total Media Number and Source Time
I think Klemm means the media type here, e.g. "CD", "DCD". Source media number would always be 1 - except for double CDs or CD sets. Don't know what Source Time is good for.

Indexes for quick access? Quick access of what? Can this key be
compared to the MPEGLOOKUP (MLLT) frame in ID3 [4]? This one is used
for a MPEG location lookup table to increase performance and accuracy
of jumps within an audio file. Or am I completely off here? :-)
Sorry, I don't know

Location to what kind of related info?
Anything related - link to AMG review, artist page on Amazon.

Abstract as in a description of the content? If so, why does it need
to be a link?
Since Klemm was restricting the recommended maximum size of an APEv2 tag to 1KB between 8KB, I think he wanted to use external information on this large fields.

Btw: You can find the APEv2 page from Frank Klemm still in Google's chache.

Best regards,
~ Florian
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