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Question SV8 decoder lag

Hi, I am working on a Sony PlayStation Portable(PSP) homebrew musepack player. Lately I switched to the SV8 libmpcdec(r435) to decoder SV8 files. But it seems to have some decode lag problem playing old SV7 file while the old SV7 library wouldn't. The lag occurs when PSP storage device light is flashing.

PSP storage device(Memory Stick) has a limited (or unstable) read speed, IMOO if the reading buffer is too large, it will cause this problem.

After investigation, I modified libmpcdec/internal.h to

#define DEMUX_BUFFER_SIZE (32768 - MAX_FRAME_SIZE) // need some space as sand box
as half of the previous one. And now, It seems to be OK.

But I wonder whether this hack will hurt the decoder? Or is there another better way to bypass this problem?
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