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This version use an experimental bitstream that isn't backwards compatible with current decoder.
Currently only a special version of mppdec support it. As it is in very *alpha* stage, don't expect anyone supporting decoding those files.
SV7.5 will be supported though, just not this intermediate version
yes.. i just wanted to make sure, so i could hear what was the diffrence.
Notice that this particular version of mppenc (1.95z6) preserves the full frequency range at --quality 4.9 and above. Quite impressive (or too ambitious?)
that was something like that, i have aspected. I thought it is a tiny bit
"crunchy" in the top and l think it`s lacking some dynamic on the top to.
I don`t think it is too ambitious, mpc format is quality, and nothing can
be to good. when i think about it, there maybe can be done something
about the upper bass/lower midtone, to my hearing, it sounds a bit soft..

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