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Default Quality Presets (Was: Really stupid question)

OK, I've poked around the FAQs and stuff for this information, but I can't find it, so here goes: What order do the quality levels go in? I'm using the MPC plugin for dbPoweramp Music Converter. The quality settings it lists are Insane, Telephone, Thumb, Radio, Standard, Extreme and Braindead. In that order. Telephone and Radio are obviously low quality. Thumb (drive?) I guess would probably be a low quality. Standard is, umm... standard, I guess. Extreme and Insane sound like high quality. And I have no idea what Braindead is supposed to be (no compression at all, hence the codec's "brain" is not doing anything?) The names are cute and all, but some kind of numbers or something to go with them so you can tell exactly what order they go in from most to least compressed would be helpful. And if this is just a specific issue with the DMC plugin, then I apologize for cluttering your forum with my dumb, misdirected question. ^_^
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