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We never maintained the old plugin either (it doesn't even use our libraries), it's been on our site since I thought some people may have a use for it.

As for the Winamp plugin, we maintained it for a while mainly due to "historical" reasons - Winamp was used by the developers years ago when there was nothing better for Windows. Some testing of decoding and features was done using the plugin. Same goes for the linux XMMS and BMP plugins.

"Our developers" are not here to provide a "Plugin For Your Favorite Application" public service for you. We have more than enough to deal with already, and even have lives in which we have many other responsibilities like working to make a living.

There are about 200 applications which got support for the format just fine without their developers asking us to write code for them. It's not our responsibility to make sure your application can play Musepack audio (be it SV7 or SV8), like it's not Adobe's responsibility to write an SVG viewer for MS-DOS. So please don't yell at us with senseless demands.
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