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Hi negotio,

Don't get me wrong, but I have to ask, did you register both filters (dec and dmx) by regsvr32?

You can check whether they are registered with key /i :

C:\>regsvr32 /i
C:\>regsvr32 /i
If they ate not, you have to do it in command line (as Administrator), just run the following command in the folder when these both files are unpacked:

There is also a prerequisite for these filters to work, you must have installed Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package.

If all this doesn't help, the next that comes into my mind is that you might use 64-bit version of WMP, but these filters are32-bit, so this would be a no-go case.

BTW, may I ask you, is there some particular reason to use WMP for playback?
If there is no such, I would suggest you some (good) working replacements
First, Foobar2000 is maybe the most reliable player, with good Musepack support among the others. It has a bit severe interface, though.
Then, MusicBee (my favorite), with perfect Musepack support (including chapters), nice interface and plenty of features but not bloated, fast and working fine with huge audio libraries. Weekly updated, with the fastest bug fighting among all SW products I've ever seen.
Then, VLC also supports musepack (since v1.6), although no chapters yet.

There are some others, of course, but I stopped searching after I discovered MusicBee.
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