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Default Musepack wallpaper thread

Since this simple little desktop wallpaper I made looks decent enough to me to actually use, I'm sharing it.

dimensions: 1600x1200 | file size: 166kb

If you've made one yourself and would like to share it, this is the thread for it. If you have no web space to put your file on, there are free image hosting services such as ImageShack you could use.
Note: If you don't have a thumbnail of the wallpaper available, please don't attach the full image in your post, link to it instead.

Refer to this post for a high resolution logo image.

Uninteresting technical details:
Resized the huge logo using Lanczos resampling (but not before enlarging the background edges to avoid aliased logo edges)

Compressed with the IJG (Independant JPEG Group) JPEG compressor for maximum quality with the setting -sample 1x1 to preserve the intense colors that are otherwise ruined with the default colorspace setting (2x2). Windows executables are found here. The IJG compressor is very widely used by various applications but unfortunately almost always they omit the ability to change colorspace settings. GIMP, however, does allow it.
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