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In the very first version of libmpcdec (when it was still called libmusepack), a seek table hack was implemented to speed up seeking. Unfortunately, it was also a source of random artifacts, even with a very large number of "preroll" frames (I don't remember the numbers). Most of the time, nothing was heard, but sometimes you could get horrible sounds. Eventually, the whole thing was removed.

However, if you happen to know how to reduce or attenuate those artifacts, that would be a very nice improvement, especially on portable devices.

In an ideal world, you would post a patch against SVN version of libmpcdec, and people would review/test it
Libmpcdec is used on both PC and Rockbox (with some tunings/modifications).

About the fseek versus fread issue, any reading on a portable device draws powers, so I assume less is better.
However, it's useless to read too small buffers, you need to tune it against the disk reading granularity.
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