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I need a playing routine for the Dreamcast co-processor. I can choose the file format freely. The main processor will be very busy doing other stuff.

I don't need decent sound immediately. I only need the bass to rock the party - the soud system attached will be very loud but not very high-fidelity.

I don't think i can access main RAM (of which there is plenty, 16 MB) from the code running on the co-processor, so i need some strategy to load the stream to be decoded in pieces, while discarding parts which are not in need any longer. Naturally, the most simple is circular buffer - the player need only maintain a pointer to the place in buffer up to which it doesn't need it any longer - "until here is discarded" - and from a thread running on the main CPU i can detect this pointer has moved and write some new data, say, by streaming it from disk.

MAD, or for that matter any MP3 codec need not be mentioned - they are too slow i believe.

Thans for the link, i'll check it out.
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