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Thanks for your answer. I know MPC is close to the top every time, but I was being picky here... It's not ALWAYS on top! ;-)

As far as the bitrate is concerned, I understand that the bitrate on a tiny sample might vary even though it might very well be 128 on a full album.

But it still remains that in ALL the tests (but the 2nd one, couldn't find infos on the bitrates there) MPC is above 140kbps where all the other codecs are closer to 128kbps. So as far as these tests are concernede, the proper conclusion to draw would be : "MPC@140 is always on top vs Others@128". Note that Ogg also errs on the same side.

And if with the same parameters it averages out at 128kbps on a typical full album, then why choosing samples that consistently gives 140+ kbps?

The fact is and remains, I have yet to see a listening test with MPC on top at the same bitrates than the others. Your argument just doesn't satisfy me...

Now don't get me wrong, I like MPC (and Ogg and others). But it's been a few years I've been reading about these listening tests, and I still don't get it...
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