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I understand that. It shows clearly that MPC is allocating more bits to the difficult parts. This is all well and good but for the fact that allocating more bits in a part of the music comes at one cost: Having less bits for the rest of the song.

Of course, MPC's algorithm that detects these complex parts is allocating more bits there than any other codec. Naturally, MPC sounds better in these parts, but what of the other parts? the parts where LAME would allocate 128kbps and MPC only 110kbps?

I guess the idea is to say that a lower bitrate there would be less audible than on the complex parts, hence justifying the choice of allocating a higher bitrate on the more complex parts. But this is just speculation, and I have yet to see a test which would back these assertions up. This is all I am saying.

By testing only the difficult parts, all these tests do favor MPC by highlighting its strong point. By doing a test in a less difficult portion of a song, one would assert that this strong point doesn't comes at too great of a cost.
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