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Originally Posted by pieroxy
I was asking: 3How come in all the listening tests MPC is around 140-146kbps and MP3 at 128kbps. How is that a fair comparison?
All? I see only one.
Besides you'll have hard time making musepack respect your bitrate plan.

> Then why doing tests only on the tiny samples that are 140+kbps? How is it fair vs. MP3@128?

I suggest coming at and state that sample selection (and test organisation in general) are plain wrong and unfair. :wink:

> Well, but if the average is 128kbps and the hard parts are 146, then other parts "easy parts" must be around 110kbps. How come there is no test on these parts, where MPC could very well sound worse than MP3 since it is using a lower bitrate?

Noone showed enough interest/effort to make one, perhaps?

From homepage one can conclude: 128k isn't really bitrates where mpc shines, yet it can compete and doesn't loose to any other tested codecs in that range. Few tests are linked, to prove the claims. If there are others tests, showing opposite, plese share.

Really it started as you wasn't happy with wordings on homepage, now there's tests that unfair and lack of tests revealing supposed suckiness at low bitrates. Why not conduct some then, if you feel there's a need?
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