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While I enjoy the spirit of the thread, the debate should not derail to personal insults. I'd like a constructive conversation where both sides exchange information and test results. Discussion of Musepack's excellence or lack of it at ~128 kbps could not interest me less, but since we're on the subject:

1. Allocating more bits for a particular short section of a song does not mean that Musepack's encoder will also allocate much more than 128 for the entire song the short sample is from, so the guys are right. It's not indicative of the music it's taken from.

2. If the bitrate for a short sample is significantly higher than what the other encoders used, pieroxy has a point too.

Summary: Let's create a test ourselves. If the tests linked to from the main page don't seem accurate or fair, a new one should be made by those who are not partial to one format or another.
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