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First of all, Musepack is not the only format having a bitrate higher than "128kbps" on test samples presented in the various tests. Other codecs do too, and Musepack definitely doesn't always have the highest "bitrate".
guruboolez: You sure have lots of theories and conclusions. If you feel like making them, do that in a seperate thread, along with something that substantiates them. If you feel like making suggestions on how to make tests, do that in another thread too.
I don't see how Musepack's quality was "unusually lower" with any sample either. That can't be said about other codecs however. And that too doesn't mean much since the overall performance is what matters in the end. People should take note of the numbers more than the places on the graphs. Also, taking those two results out of the rest means very little to anyone if they can't see the rest.

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