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let me quote: "Musepack will need to update their plugin."

Perhaps they have made an API which allows plugin developers to pass the replaygain values to winamp's global replaygain control.
Because right now, WA treats MPCs as files without RG information, no matter if this is true or not. (Try this: activate RG in the mpc plugin AND in winamp globally. in_mpc will apply the correct RG adjustments, but Winamp will still apply its "Adjustment for files without replaygain" => e.g. if the file's track gain is -7.0dB and you'v set -5.0dB in WA for non-RG files, it will be played at -12.0dB which is pretty bad)

It would be very nice, if this could be fixed to work together. (I'm only talking about playback in WA, don't know what's the matter with its internal RG scanner)

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