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jang0: Winamp's developers like to make any possible excuse not to support something, except if it's very easy, like supporting unbased anti Musepack troll propaganda. Remember the senseless trouble they were giving people who merely requested MP4 support?

Don't worry, Winamp's developers most probably don't know how to use SVN, and neither do the other llamas. Feel free to look at our Trac/SVN and see just how dead it is.

Refer to Lefungus's post, and refer to the latest SV7.2 code which enables very fast, proper seeking. Expect a final release in several days.

Contrary to what they try to tell you, Musepack doesn't "need" Winamp, and neither do all the developers who either left, or got fired by AOL. That's just the typical Winamp reaction nowadays, they think people actually depend on them.

I realize you only want to further Musepack support, jang0, I point no complaint at you, and not at Winamp either, they can't help it.
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