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Originally Posted by Lefungus
- Exekutor has exactly the issue described in the FAQ, meaning he forgot to specify where to install libmusepack, and so bmp-musepack can't compile properly. I don't know yet how to make bmp configure script more robust, so meanwhile, the solution is to use "configure --prefix=..." when the default path isn't appropriate.
Note that he only installed libmusepack-1.1.1, the latest version.
Sure. He installed libmusepack-1.1.1 -- with mpc_bool_t -- and tried to compile bmp-musepack 1.1.2 -- with BOOL, as the error clearly shows. This is related to the type change, nothing to do with the prefix. Anyone who downloads bmp-musepack and libmusepack from the canonical download links on the sidebar is *not* going to be able to compile bmp-musepack, and that FAQ entry is not going to tell them how.

Originally Posted by Lefungus
- The API change wasn't properly documented, and the version number should have been bumped to 1.2. Ok, this is entirely my fault, I won't repeat this error twice. Jumping at my throat with an angry report won't make it better though. For the next release, be sure I'll put up a "release candidate" before, for you or any people to check out and iron out bugs like these.
My report was not angry, but it was factual, and the problem is incredibly frustrating. Not bumping the version is stupid. We all do stupid things periodically, it doesn't make them less stupid. And if you don't bump the version, I do have to maintain a fork for Debian, where policy demands (rightly) I bump versions.
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