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Originally Posted by Shy View Post
libmpcdec contains Doxygen documentation (docs/html/index.html) which you may find helpful.
Hello, the current version of the package of libmpcdec ( does not have a "doc" directory, nor it has any "*.htm*" files. I'm trying to write a decoder in Java, and, guided by SV7Specification ( I've managed to decode the MPC header of the file (first six 32-bit words + 8 bits for EncoderVersion). Next comes the encoded audio data but I could not find any documentation about it.

Wikipedia ( says that Musepack format uses for audio data compression the Huffman coding which as per Wikipedia (, should contain the Huffman Coding Tree with the compressed data. The problem now is that I cannot figure out how to identify the Huffman Coding Tree in the file.

Is there any documentation (other than the source code itself) about the encoded stream format?

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