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You mean "portable audio players."
Using the Rockbox firmware you can play MPC files on iRiver H100 and H300 series players, iAudio X5, iPod Mini, iPod 4G, iPod Color/Photo, iPod Nano and iPod Video.

The best player you could get is iRiver H1x0, as Rockbox is currently most optimized on it (longest battery time, very stable). On H3x0 it's also stable and well featured, but power consumption optimization on it is still being worked on (but it's definitely usable).
iAudio X5 is reportedly working fine as the iRiver ports.
The iPod ports are also fine, but although many users report no issues, it's stressed by the developers that it should still be considered experimental firmware. Power consumption on the hard drive iPod versions is not as optimal as in the other models yet.
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