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Default new mpc command-line utility - mpcinfo

I've written a simple mpc command line utilty that displays streaminfo information for mpc files, like ogginfo does for ogg files. You can find it here:

It's really just a thin wrapper around libmusepack I wrote to help me familiarize myself with it's interface.

I haven't tried getting it to work on anything but linux but it ought to work.

Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see in such a utility.

Some sample output:

file: /home/miles/tunes/Lambchop/Nixon/01 The Old Gold Shoe.mpc
encoder: --Alpha-- 1.15
profile: 10 - 'Standard'
stream version: 7
sample frequency: 44100 hz
number of channels: 2
average bitrate: 183 kbits/sec
number of frames: 14579
maximum band index: 28
intensity stereo: off
mid/side stereo: on
title replaygain: -286
album replaygain: -381
title peak: 32597
title album: 34144
true gapless: yes
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