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possibility to display bit? i.e. 8/16/24/32 ?

...just a thought

thanx for this! any cli musepack prog is great

some thoughts in case you're looking for more challenges: mpcscan (a la the win32 proggy), mpcsplit (honestly, there has to be lossless splitting of even sv7 files...)

thanx kuniklo!
It looks like the sample bit depth isn't actually specified in the streaminfo header, at least in the exposed structure in libmusepack. I've been looking a little more closely at the guts of libmusepack so I'll see if I can find it.

What does mpcscan do?

mpcsplit is going to be trickier. From browsing the stream parsing source it doesn't look impossible but definitely non-trivial. I'm hoping to start documenting sv7 a bit so maybe it will become more clear in the process how to do this.

Were you able to get mpcinfo to compile ok?
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