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Default Best Quality Setting? / Best CD Ripper?

Okay, let me start this off by saying that I do in fact use Windows...make things easier for the post

Now, here's the thing, I am slowly building my jukebox system. Basically, it's gonna run on a small computer (Shuttle probably) and get hooked directly into my stereo through AV inputs. I'm not concerned about having a portable player for my music (Kind of a waste of time, IMHO) and so Musepack does sound very interesting. So, I have two questions:

First, since I will be eventually doing a direct to stereo hookup, what would be the best quality to encode a Musepack file to? (I am totally lost with the quality settings, too used to MP3s)

Secondly, with my having said that I use Windows, what's a good tool to rip/encode the file to get me the best quality? No need to give me a tutorial, just a point to a program to do it, and I can figure it out the rest of the way.
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