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Default Muse Pack Adobe Audition & Winamp Plug-Ins

Hi Shy...
Whats up about Muse Pack filter for audition?
Any good news about Muse Pack filter & james?
Shy, did you optimized Muse Pack encoder & decoder for Hyper Thread & Dual Core CPU's &
DirectX Acceleration?

And encoding options is very simple, add more features for encoding if possible:
Channel Options.(Mono - Joint Stereo - Stereo - 4 - 4.1 - 5.1 - 7.1)
Bitrate Options.
Sample Rate Options.
Quality Options.(Low - Medium - High - Xtreme)

Shy, the best-pro Muse Pack converter-ripper soft for win is ADOBE AUDITION & best-pro player for win is WINAMP.

But if you develop your own filter for audition...

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