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Sina, you can't ask many questions in a single thread. Please read the terms of service.
Musepack doesn't support hyperthreading and multiple processors because no one bothered adding such support yet, and because it doesn't really need to.

The encoder is 2 to 3 times faster than proper MP3 and AAC encoders, and almost as fast as an SSE3 and assembly optimized Vorbis encoder. The Musepack encoder doesn't need any such optimizations to be fast, and is the fastest on older PCs and other low power devices. On a PC that you can actually use such optimizations, encoding is very fast anyway. 24 times the realtime speed on an Athlon 64 3200+ Venice.
Multiple processor/core usage is mostly needed in video coding, where the encoding is hardly twice the realtime speed on modern CPUs. Also, since it's audio you're talking about, you usually need to encode several tracks each time anyway. The encoding process of each track can use a separate processor or core.
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