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Default OSX mpp 1.15 basic issues

I just received an archive of .mpc files and am trying to open them/convert to a more usable format for a mac. Only app I've found so far that reads these files is the above, but - mea culpa - I've not got around to learning cl yet and the three included files seem to need that. In one, there is a reference to a manual, but doesn't say where it is. Coudn't find it on the Musepack site...and don't know how to locate it using Terminal. Drag and dropping a .mpc file onto one of the terminal apps doesn't work.

Can somebody please take pity on an ignorant gui-based user and tell me how I can convince mpp to let me listen to the audio files and possibly convert them to MP3 or something else I can use with mac music apps? Precise cl directions would be fine. I just don't know anything about it but am willing to learn.


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