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I changed the version to 0.99g and changed a code a bit, so now it really does what Case intended the first way. It regularly shows/hides all error messages. And of course no crash on dead entries in a playlist.

Shy, you asked for clarification, so I would try to do so. Naimly, the original o.99e and 0.99f versions were built with error on/of support, but had a bug! The plugin has few different error codes (file missing or cannot acces, stream error, header error etc.) and it can show them for every file or not. But when a file is missing and "Disable error messages" is ON, it was failing to return the error to the Winamp, too! That's why Winamp got freezed! It's quite a big bug in my opinion, though not much code fix. If you try to open a playlist that has dead entries (e.g. removed songs from original location) Winamp freezes! Normally all (as long as I know) other plugins behave in a way to skip unavailable file and play the next available. It's annoying to me (but there are different people in this world) and I don't like having all my playlists clean, or else I should click OK every time an error message pops up. And much less to end up with a freezed application.

The name of the plugin is not much important as long as it fullfills the patern: "in_SOMETHING.dll" because all plugins are loaded every time Winamp is started. The INI file doesn't contain MPC plugin filename and all the settings from MPC plugin are written to "musepack.ini" file. So, I guess cmamet's winamp.ini is fine, but I can't guarentee of course (:

But I stand for that the plugin should be named the same: "in_mpc.dll".

I uploaded 0.99g at: and you can contact me if you decide to.

Regards, Miksha
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