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Default How to best compare to MP3


I just found out about the MPC format and I'd like to compare it to MP3 myself, rather than use the samples. Could you please tell me what settings you would recommend to make a best quality MP3 and a best quality MPC of similar file size? I'm not an encoding expert by any means, so I'd appreciate all the little details like settings, encoder to use, etc. All I know is that the MP3 shouldn't be above 192kbps because that seems to be the standard nowadays.
Thanks in advance!
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A constant 192kbps bitrate is not recommended by anyone concerned with quality for years. There is no standard MP3 bitrate like there is no standard MPC bitrate.
The latest Musepack encoder (1.15v) is recommended. The presets (--standard, --xtreme, --insane, etc.) are the most optimized settings and most recommended for use.
The most recommended MP3 encoder is LAME, either version 3.90.3 or 3.96.x. The alt-presets are the most optimized and recommended. Using --alt-preset standard you'll usually reach bitrates between MPC's --standard and --xtreme. Using --alt-preset extreme you'll usually reach bitrates above MPC's --xtreme and sometimes above --insane. Using --alt-preset insane you get constant 320kbps.

To compare audio files objectively you can use the ABX method. contains all the infomation you need as well as links to various applications you can use.
As our terms of service state, you may not make any subjective, unbased claims about sound quality here and you may show ABC/HR results only in combination with valid ABX results.

Keep in mind that this forum is not meant to provide MP3 information, the best place for that is the MP3 forum at
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