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Default sound quality improvements between versions?

About how often are the changes from version to version ones that actually affect sound quality?

That's to say, if I do a lot of encoding with one version, would there likely be any differences in the next couple of versions that would make it worth my while to re-encode with them?


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Just wait and see . We mention all changes done in every release. If there's a sound quality improvement, we mention it.
An example for a quality improvement is in version 1.15u where we improved quality in that the start and ending of a stream is handled much better, resulting in a very reduced chance of a click occurring between tracks when there's a smooth transition. We haven't found a single real world example causing a click after this change. 1.15v is a bug fix/code revision release.

That said, it's not practical to re-encode an entire collection just because a new version offers quality improvement. Especially in the case of Musepack, where you're unlikely to hear anything wrong already. Also, sound quality improvements in audio codecs are often not so definitive, and may only affect a number of cases but have no noticable effect on others.
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So when the next version is expected which could affect sound quality?
Are there any quality improvements planned for this or next year?
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We have several representative problem samples which Frank Klemm knows about.
We prioritize quality along with openness, flexibility and prevalence of the format above all. As soon as it is possible to improve something, we do, without delay. We don't have a timeline for specific improvements, as it's not simple to determine it. Improving the quality is extremely complicated and requires vast knowledge in psychoacoustics and mathematics, so a very few people other than Frank could perform this task. And he's a very busy man but hopefully he could invest some time soon.
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