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Default My return to using MPC...

I used to use mpc as my preferred lossy audio format a few years back (1.15 alpha / introduction of 1.14...also used 1.12 and 1.13), than got swayed by the ogg aoTuV tests that boasted superior lossy, than went through the "lossless" phase followed by the iTunes AAC phase. *shudder* :lol:

Now I make a return to using MPC (which is made easier due to the EAC trick), because it is a good audio format for transperancy to my ears and the cons of the formats are unimportant to me. After all, the two possible choices for DAPs are going to have or do have Rockbox developed for it.

By the way, I encode at the setting "insane" / --quality 7.

What I don't get is that because of the trouble of finding an experience developer for the format who can handle an advance code that "people at a certain forum" just writes MPC as a dead format. Not taking in the fact that 1.15v has a good encoder plus no bugs that I have noticed while listening (maybe bugs...not an expert or claim to be). They have also attacked people for using the format...when I thought the case was always, as with anything in life, a personal computer is personal...the user should decide.

I hope an experienced developer comes to this format...for to further develop the code could be quite a challenge that anyone wanting to prove their worth could benefit from doing. Than with the shortcomings of the format addressed, the reasons not to use this format according to "people at a certain forum" would be invalidated.

Personally, it is of my opinion that constant development is not all too great as it makes past encodes look shabby and the user has to re-encode the audio files (ogg, mp3, iTunes AAC anyone?). This is what ultimately started to turn me off from ogg aoTuV...constant bugfixing or audio encoder adjustments. Sort of ticks me off when I have to re-encode something to fix a bug that I may have missed with due to my audio library's size and is fixed in a new release. It is why from ogg I switched to lossless, first FLAC and due to mostly laziness on my part (didn't know at the time how to set up *.exe encoders in EAC or didn't care about) I tried iTunes, which ripped and encoded CDs as I inserted them.

Now granted, maybe the future of audio formats is lossless but that future is still years off from competeing with the file size of lossy, but until that time I figured I would go back to a lossy format my ears loved and to break away from iTunes AAC for the superior ripping of EAC and an audio format I enjoy listening to.

Of course, keep in mind this is all opinion, conjecture and the like. As a medical drug ad states:

**Results May Vary**

That is the point with everything. What one person likes can differ from what another likes.

My only advice for developers of this format is this:
- Don't get high and mighty...overconfidence is a bad thing.
- Fix those bugs...cause I love it when they are fixed 8)
- Don't give up because something is things in life are best achieved by putting your all into it.

Probably sounds like advice from a advice book in the supermarket line...heh.

That about wraps it up for me.

P.S. Any iTunes users (or former ones), one question I need answered (I will probably google it after I type this): I set iTunes 6 to encode AAC at 256kbps VBR...the end product for the most part looks and plays like CBR in Winamp. Is it really VBR or pseudo VBR (ABR)...or just CBR with a VBR option that gets ignored. Just something to type further about.

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