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Default libmusepack and Visual C++ v6

Has anyone run into problems adding libmusepack to a vc v6 c++ project?

The problem seems to be around the typedef'ing of:

typedef unsigned char BOOL

in the microsoft compiler any .cpp files already have this defined, but not for the .c files (that are the lib files), the only way I could get a clean compile was a:

typedef unsigned char BOOLa

and replace all BOOL with BOOLa in the lib, a little hack. There was also a little problem of:

#include <math.h> being inside a:

#ifdef CPP
extern "C" {
#end if

as math.h on Visual C uses templates and this cannot work within an extern "C" {

there are a few other little things needed to get it to compile (havn't tried to decode a .mpc yet, so hold your breath )

Anyhow, very good work on the lib, my last decoder for dbpoweramp was a real nasty hack, the lib is a god send...(any chance of an encoding lib )
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