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Old 19 December 2005, 10:26 pm   #41
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If you need a very high resolution version of the Musepack logo for journalism or plain poster or shirt printing here's a very high resolution (19890 x 7200 pixels / 143 Megapixels) PNG file. (updated / improved @ 2016-07-08)

If you would like a small "button" image to use for linking to our website or inclusion in articles etc. here's one:

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Old 20 December 2005, 04:51 pm   #42
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Not that the one you made isn't very nice.. but you should see how cool it can be, negativized. I made myself a very nice wallpaper out of it. Too bad I can't share it with you.
Does this forum have a way to post photos?
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Old 20 December 2005, 09:57 pm   #43
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Sure, the logo can look good with many color combinations. The aliased high resolution version allows you to do things easily such as change colors or make the background transparent and resize it into a perfect quality antialiased "sane" size of your choice.

If you'd like to share a wallpaper you've made with the logo, feel free to post a new thread. Others may post some of their own as well .
There are some free image hosting services you could use. Here is a comprehensive list.

It's a good chance to explain a bit about the logo. The colors we chose fit Musepack's "living audio compression" idea perfectly, since orange-ish brown and green represent life quite well. The sinusoidal M represents the fact that it's a digital audio format and it can also be associated with a beat, a heart beat if you will.
Overall, the logo is smooth, simple and to the point and can be incorporated into many uses easily.
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Old 23 December 2005, 09:20 pm   #44
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I like the new logo - never really liked the Flinstones one :P
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Old 20 March 2008, 03:43 pm   #45
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Would you check your PM mailbox please?
I hope you have activated the thread notification
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