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Default 1.14 or 1.15r?

Hi folks, nice forum by the way!

I just tried to compare both encoders to figure out, which of them does its job better, but this is pretty hard to tell.

1.15r produces slightly larger files, but accoustically they sound exactly the same to me.

I tried to ABX them with some nice Sennheisers but it is impossible to tell any difference for me.

Are there any opinions/views according to that question? As I assume the next release of Musepack could take quite some time still, I'd like to get the point about what's recommended now.

Thanks for your support!
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1. Try to pick samples with very short transients. Electronic (mostly trance) music will benefit from 1.15r's different bit allocation methods. I'll provide samples that I found slightly better with 1.15r when I find my samples collection. I did post to Hydrogenaudio about one or two of those back in 2003. I am in the process of finding more (lots of ripping and careful listening)

2. Yes, if mppenc 1.2 comes out, it'll take a lot of time. It's not a simple matter of a few tweaks here and there, and it's not a full time-job for the programmer either.

3. I'd definitely go with 1.15r. It may produce up to 15% larger files for some types of music (not just electronic. Mark Knopfler's "Sailing to Philadelphia" for example) but the very few synthpop and electronic samples that sounded better to my ears at --extreme make it worth it. I did not encounter any samples that sound worse with 1.15r at --insane to my ears.
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Old 08 September 2004, 11:10 pm   #3
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well, good point.

I tried it with classical music, which was rather slow and with flatter attack-ramps.

When I made the test with some electronic music or drum solos, I think I found the part you've ment...

Maybe not really pre-echo, but somehow closer to the original wav. Well, it seems to be worth sticking with 1.15r, but I'll do some further tests.

That "alpha" in the version sounds a bit 'unfinished', so I'll be careful and do more experimenting with that compile to be really sure it's ok.

Thanks for your help anyways, it's highly appreciated!
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