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Default libmpcdec not working when linked with mplayer since 1.2.3

Building either libmpcdec 1.2.3 or 1.2.4 with mplayer results in complete noise/garbage output when decoding .mpc files. Building with MinGW for windows that is, if that may possibly be the issue. I have no idea how to test the lib itself in Windows, so I suppose it could just be mplayer?

An acquaintance of mine who also builds mplayer actually pointed it out at first in his builds with 1.2.4. I simply confirmed the same and checked 1.2.3 as well to find the same garbled output. 1.2.2 is the only version I have ever used before and it still seems to work in latest svn builds of mplayer. Also if it matters at all the files I was trying to play are of the older variety, afaik. I don't use Musepack much but I had some older encoded files around using mppenc 1.15v.

I don't really know if the problem is old support for the musepack decoder in mplayer or if it is just a windows related build issue. Since things are picking up around here I decided to report what I've found at least. Perhaps you can find the problem.
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