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We are not interested in 128kbps tests.
There have been quite enough low bitrate tests already, and even today as we're approaching 2006 people still insist on using 128kbps as a base bitrate to measure quality of lossy codecs by.

Musepack's purpose is to provide high, transparent quality, a task which it excels at. 128kbps provides low quality, it doesn't provide transparency with any audio codec at 44,100hz stereo in by far most cases.

In short, the 4 existing big 128kbps test results are more than enough already. Developments in low bitrate quality around 128kbps have been minor and uninteresting.
In contrary, developments in high bitrate quality of LAME, Vorbis and Nero's AAC have been significant, yet some people stick to testing impractical things.

If the interest in having a proper "high" bitrate test is so low, that's OK, but that doesn't mean we'll contribute to useless tests.

Furthermore, we aren't interested in the obvious zealotry by fans of this or that format. We have no prejudices about Vorbis, it's neat, and we like Monty . We just think Musepack is better.
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