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Default MPC Decoder - Command line switches ?

Hi all, big mpc lover here
ive searched here & searched the net looking for command line switches for the mpc decoder (mppdec195.exe) & im wondering if say i use mppdec195.exe *.mpc within a batch file , once it starts can i make it jump tracks say with a hotkey ? the only way ive found of achieving this is by writing the following into a batch .....
mppdec195.exe track01.mpc
mppdec195.exe track02.mpc
mppdec195.exe track03.mpc
mppdec195.exe track04.mpc
mppdec195.exe track05.mpc
mppdec195.exe track06.mpc
mppdec195.exe track07.mpc
mppdec195.exe track08.mpc
mppdec195.exe track09.mpc
mppdec195.exe track10.mpc
mppdec195.exe track11.mpc
mppdec195.exe track12.mpc
then using the control & c to get up the terminate batch then press no it will then move onto the next track , but this is a bit of clunky way of doing it :?

any ideas ?

thnx in advance
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Old 20 October 2004, 04:32 pm   #2
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Sorry I accidentally pushed reply, but no ideas

Instead of writing all the files you can try: for %i in (.*.mpc) do mppdec %i.

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Old 20 October 2004, 06:06 pm   #3
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Try this:
@echo off

rem This is a CMD file to encode all WAV files in a folder to MPCs via MPPENC.EXE..

rem Make sure this CMD file resides in the same folder as MPPENC.EXE.


rem The argument to this CMD file should be the full path to the folder containing the WAV files.

rem Display our arguments..

echo Full Arg: %1

echo Drive: "%~d1"

echo Path: "%~p1"

echo Name: "%~n1"

echo Ext: "%~x1"

rem Change to arg drive and path


cd "%1"


rem Apply ReplayGain via wavegain to dir

"%~dp0wavegain.exe" --album --apply *.wav

rem Encode with MPPENC..

for %%z in (*.wav) do "%~dp0mppenc.exe" --quality 7 "%%z" "%%~nz.mpc"

if errorlevel 0 del Track*.wav

This do contain wavegain though, but you can strike that one if you like
and use --xlevel instead. (myself prefer wavegain method though,
since it change the amplitude before encoding,
and thus. gives you a better result, conserning amplitude after decoding.)
perhaps not the easyest one, but it works flawlessly.
You can further set up EAC for usage this way:
(copy your script to system32 dir, or eac dir if you copy cmd to it.)
-user defined encoder.
-extension .mpc
-program path
C:WINNTsystem32CMD.EXE or simply copy your
cmd to eac dir. [just for ease]
-additional command line:
/c C:audioEACLameA.cmd %o %s %d
-eventually tick the add idv3.
-tick delete wav should be unnessesery, but change this line in script:
"if errorlevel 0 del Track*.wav" to just del *.wav

hope this helps..

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