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Default problem with 3.5gig wave file


i have the problem that no frontend (including foobar2000) wants to handle a 3.5Gig wave file. does anybody know about a filesize limit for input files?

can you tell me if its possible to use another way to get this problem solved? mabe some special kind of command line?

thanks in advance!

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Old 01 December 2005, 08:01 pm   #2
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Hi Tinobee.
I just checked, and a 6 hours and 18 minutes 44,100hz 16bit stereo wav file (3.72gb) works fine in foobar2000.
If nothing can read your wav file, it may be damaged in some way. If a certain sound editor is able to open it, I'd try to save the data to a new file.
Note that the wav format is limited to 4gb, so if you need any bigger size you need to use wave64 or another format.
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with mppenc, you just need to pass the huge wav through stdin. i'm not sure of the limit of raw files (>4GB?) but for wave it is 4GB.

(mppenc may not detect the input file, a la "ERROR: Unable to read or decode: $FILE" - which i would guess is a 2gb limit in the frontend code...)

so... use mppenc - FILE.mpc < FILE.wav

i tried this on a 16/44.1 wav file at: 4074678804 bytes

the resulting musepack file is 884262 frames (!) and ~385min

lol... seeking is a bitch on this

-xmixahlx, the one they call "mike" -|-
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