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Default SV8 slower than SV7

I noticed that foobar2000 decodes SV8 files a few percent slower than SV7.

I encoded an album using different MPC encoders (q5 setting) and I run decoding speed test for a few times (also using RAM-Disk to minimize the impact of slow HDD):
- mpcenc 1.30.1 (182 kbps): ~442x
- mppenc 1.16 (187 kbps): ~471x
- mppenc 1.16 + mpc2sv8 (182 kbps): ~444x
- mppenc 1.7.8 (171 kbps): ~485x

The old 1.7.8 has a lower average bitrate so maybe that's why the decoding is faster. But I'm wondering why there is such a diference between SV7 and SV8 standards.
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